Lahti - European Green Capital 2021

Enduring change

Lahti is Finland’s leading environmental city and one of Europe’s pioneers of sustainable development

Our story as an environmental city began with the restoration of Lake Vesijärvi in the 1970s. Since then, we have implemented numerous small and large environmental actions and emerged as one of Europe’s most progressive environmental cities. Our work continues with new and bold initiatives in close collaboration with universities, businesses and residents.

Lahti had the honour of being the European Green Capital in 2021. We are also proud participants in the EU Cities Mission, where we are one of a hundred European climate-neutral and smart cities. Our goal is to become the first of Finland’s major cities to achieve climate neutrality.

Story of Lahti
Hanna Haveri laiturin uimaportailla

City of Makers

It all started with cleaning up Lake Vesijärvi, and it has progressed to personal carbon trading today with a carbon-neutral daily life in the future. We have discovered solutions for environmental challenges and made Lahti a leading environmental city and the European Green Capital together.

As most Europeans live in cities the size of Lahti, we set an excellent example to an enormous number of people.


Climate-neutral Lahti

Lahti is Finland's leading environmental city and a pioneer in climate action: we have already abandoned the use of coal, and our goal is to become a climate-neutral city, the first among major cities in Finland.

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The green city belongs to everyone

We want everyone to feel like they are living in the green city! In Lahti, the residents actively participate in sustainable urban development, and together we make our city even more pleasant and functional.

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Towards waste-free circular economy

Let's keep the good going! Thanks to the long-term development of waste management, we have created new types of jobs in circular economy businesses, and already 99 per cent of household waste is being utilized for beneficial purposes. 

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Nature positive

In Lahti, we shift human impact on nature from negative to positive. We aim to produce more benefits than harm for nature. Thus, our impact on nature is positive.

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City of Sustainable Events

Lahti is a world-famous city of sports and culture where the environment is valued. Lahti aspires to host the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in 2029 with a concept that enables the organization of a major winter sports event in an economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable manner.

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NatureTalks Blog

The year 2024 in Lahti is dedicated to nature. We have invited experts from different fields to write and share their own perspective on environmental work in Lahti and Finland.

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Let’s change climate change together

The Climate Campaigners app offers diverse challenges that can help Lahti residents you to live more CO₂ neutral.

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1,5 degree lifestyle

In order to achieve the 1.5-degree climate target, the average Finn needs to cut his or her carbon footprint to a quarter of the current level by 2030. See how the planet friendly way of living looks like in Lahti.

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