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Working remotely in the middle of a forest?

In Finland, it is now possible to work remotely in forests. Lahti, the European Green Capital 2021, wants to encourage its residents to enjoy the calming effect of nature and has therefore set up remote workstations in the city’s nature sites free for everyone to use. Spending time in nature has many benefits on our overall well-being, as it can at best improve one’s mood and reduce stress. Thanks to the new workstations in Lahti, it is now possible to combine remote work and nature in a convenient way and thus boost one’s energy. Forests play a major role in building an ecologically sustainable future, but they also offer opportunities for relaxation in the midst of hectic everyday life.

Viita workstations will be in use for the first time this autumn as a part of the Green Capital Year.

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#1 Lapakisto workstation


The Lapakisto conservation area covers an area of 230 hectares, of which 18 hectares is covered by water. There are many places worth seeing in the Lapakisto area.

One of the most stunning places is Pitkäjärvenvuori Hill, the top of the hill being 45 meters above the surface of Lake Pitkäjärvi. The area has different types of trails of varying lengths that have been marked on trees with identifying colours.

Coordinates: 60°59’60.0″N 25°52’30.9″E

Distance from Lahti Market Square: 16 km


#2 Lanu Sculpture Park workstation

Lanu Sculpture Park

Lanu Sculpture Park is situated in Kariniemi Park and is an officially protected grove hill near the centre of Lahti. Amidst the wide range of luxuriant vegetation are works in concrete by sculptor Olavi Lanu of Lahti.

Twelve large concrete sculptures are both figurative and also feature natural objects such as a boulder, willow tree, or a twisted tree. Meandering footpaths tie the sculptures together into a park-like setting offering refreshing surroundings for visitors.

Coordinates: 60°59’27.9″N 25°39’04.4″E

Distance from Lahti Market Square: 1 km



#3 Mustankallio hill workstation

Mustakallio hill

The Ice Age offers many surprises around the city of Lahti and its surroundings. The grooves on the Mustakallio hill are the most visible evidence from the direction of the glacier.

The highest hill is 150 meters above sea level, so the cliff opens perhaps the most spectacular scenery. At a glance, the visitor can see the city of Lahti, Radiomäki Hill and the radio masts, the Ski Jumping Hills, the Lahti City Hall, and the bell tower of the Church of the Cross.

Coordinates: 60°59’10.6″N 25°40’34.4″E

Distance from Lahti Market Square: 1,5 km


#4 Radiomäki hill workstation

Radiomäki hill


Radiomäki is a steep hill situated just a few hundred meters from the city centre of Lahti. It´s definitely worth the climb: from there, you can a stunning view over the city towards Lake Vesijärvi. Radiomäki hill is also the home of the iconic Lahti radio masts of which you can find great angles in bright daylight as well as in evening lighting.

Coordinates: 60°58’42.0″N 25°38’51.6″E

Distance from Lahti Market Square: 1 km