Promoting sustainable urban mobility in Lahti - Lahti

Promoting sustainable urban mobility in Lahti

The goals of the CitiCAP (citizens’ cap and trade co-created) project are to reduce emissions from transport and collect and make available digital data on mobility and transportation. The project develops a model for personal carbon trading on mobility and an application for the citizens that enables real-time tracking and visualization of one’s mobility carbon footprint.

In short, CitiCAP is a carbon trading application. In practice, personal carbon trading means that residents will benefit from reducing their own emissions from transportation and movement around the city. They could receive, for example, various benefits in the traffic environment, as well as incentives to use the service.

“We provide an instrument for the cities to engage their citizens to take action on climate change mitigation through their own everyday choices”, says CitiCAP-project manager Anna Huttunen.

The application can be downloaded from Play Store and App Store.