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When we are connected to nature, we feel better and make more sustainable choices.

The time we spend in nature affects us in many ways. It reduces stress, gives us energy and increases our health. The more time we spend in nature, the more likely we are to make sustainable choices and take part in conserving the environment.

As a part of its run as the European Green Capital, Lahti has developed a service that automatically connects a nature camera placed in wilderness surrounding the city to video meetings. The service has limited capacity and is initially available to city employees only. Later, Lahti plans to share the service with others interested in it.

With the project, the city aims to increase its employees’ well-being and encourage more sustainable policies by making nature a part of decision-making.

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Step 1

Lahti Green Screen is a service that automatically connects nature to your Teams meeting. Virtual nature experiences have been found to increase well-being and lower stress. Nature’s presence in meetings reminds us to make more sustainable choices and policies.

Step 2

By adding nature’s own email address to the participants of your Teams meeting, nature automatically connects to your meeting when it starts. The video feed is muted and will provide a peaceful presence in your meeting without disturbing it.

Step 3

Nature can be invited to join both internal and external meetings, but as the service is initially limited to the City of Lahti’s employees, the host must be from the Green Capital.

Step 4

Enjoy nature’s soothing presence in your meeting. If it’s okay with other participants, you can share a photo or a screenshot of your meeting on social media. #EUGreenCapital #Lahti Green Screen

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