Lahti residents unite against climate change - Lahti

Lahti residents unite against climate change

Saving the climate is not just an issue for politics and business. Only if we all change our habits and behaviour sustainably will we have a future worth living. This is the idea behind the Climate Campaigners EU project, which will be launching a climate app in Lahti and many other cities as from 15 September.

Living more sustainably is a genuine challenge for many. But it pays off for everyone, as a simple calculation readily reveals. For example, if you leave your car at home and consistently cycle 10 kilometres to the office, you will save one tonne of CO2. That may not sound like much at first – given the 8.26 billion tonnes of CO2, that road traffic emits into the air worldwide. But if more than just a few people switch to cycling, but many make the shift – many Lahti residents, many people in Finland, many Europeans and many people worldwide – the savings will be enormous. That’s why the EU, together with Lahti and other cities, has launched the Climate Campaigners initiative (CC).

The project is initially scheduled for two years. The CO2 reducing activities are specifically tailored to the individual cities; in Lahti, for example, the focus is on the areas of energy and mobility. Residents are supported by the innovative functions of the mobile climate app enabling them to track and analyze their own savings in real time and in detail. And users can network, share experiences and even cheer each other on. With the Climate Campaigners app, everyone can do something for the environment together in a playful and sustainable way – and help Lahti to reach its climate goals faster.

Joining you will become part of a large climate community that will set things in motion. And not only in Lahti: the #Climate Campaigners are already active in 12 other cities, such as Izmir, Milan or Dublin, while others are set to follow soon.

The project is being grounded in science right from the outset. It will provide important anonymized data and findings that will be evaluated at various European universities and serve as a foundation for policy recommendations for action.