Lahti reopened design workstations in the middle of a forest - Lahti

Lahti reopened design workstations in the middle of a forest

Lahti encourages its residents to enjoy the calming effect of nature and reintroduces the Viita-workstations for public use at the city’s nature and recreational sites. This year the number of the popular remote offices was increased.

The pandemic changed the day-to-day of employees, with work continuing at least partially from home. Different working models have found their place in everyday life, and new perspectives on the working day experience are welcome. Many have found their way to nature more and more often in the midst of meetings and realised the importance of local nature.

Lahti launched the Viita workstations during the Green Capital year to remind people of the flexibility of working life and the calming effect of nature. The workstations can be found all over the city, from parks to nature reserves. This year, the number of remote workstations was increased, with new Viita locations placed in two public parks.

Viita workstations combine nature and local design expertise

The forest workstations are a showcase of local skills. The workstations were made in Lahti by the local company Upwood design, and a team of students from the LAB Institute of Design and Fine Arts was involved in the design phase.

The design of the Viita workstations, made of spruce, reflects eco-friendliness, functionality, and staying local. The product’s design combines the roundness of trees and the breathability of nature, which helps the workstations blend into the landscape.

The use of spruce wood has a long history in Finland, and as a material, it represents the Finnish forest at its best. The workstations are secured so that no marks remain on the trees after installation and removal.

The well-being of people and the environment are linked together

The global pandemic and the shift to remote working made work communities consider the importance of well-being at work from a new perspective. Spending time in nature is essential for well-being as, at its best, nature can improve your mood and soothe you in the midst of daily life marked by stress and rush.

-New research data on the health effects of forests is constantly coming out, especially with regard to the residents of urban areas. Even though nature brings well-being, especially by encouraging exercise, it also works as a stress reliever in the middle of the working day. For Lahti residents, nature is nearby. It´s easy to combine remote work and enjoy living close to nature, says Jenni Simkin, project manager for the GoGreenRoutes project.

GoGreenRoutes is an EU-funded project sowing the seeds for increased nature-connectedness across Europe, Latin America and China.

The Viita workstations are available to residents from May to September.

Read more and see the locations of the workstations here.