Lahti - City of Makers

A sustainable future calls for more actions, not just talk. Lahti is a top European green city, where we are making the future together.

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Lassi Linnanen
Science Maker
Professor, Lappeenranta University of Technology
”We enable profitable involvement in sustainable projects for all individual consumers.”
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Saara Vauramo
Decision Maker
Environmental Director, City of Lahti
”It is surprisingly important that people dare to think about and implement things in a new way.”
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Jouni Helppolainen
Managing Director, Wasenco Oy
”Lahti offers Europe environmental technology that can be integrated with current energy infrastructure.”
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Lasse-Matti Laakso
Art Maker
Violist, carbon-free Lahti Symphony Orchestra
”A wide variety of actors can find suitable ways to take action against climate change.”
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Juhani Järveläinen
Solution Maker
Project Manager, City of Lahti
”To meet the challenges posed by the changing climate, Lahti has teamed up with universities and companies to develop new stormwater management solutions.”
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Mari Pantsar
Future Maker
Director, Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra
”Consumers alone cannot solve the sustainability crisis, but it will also not be solved without consumers”
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Vesa Damski
Creative Maker
Teacher, Lahti Institute of Design
”The Rehome furniture designed by students at the Lahti Institute of Design is affordable, lightweight, easy to assemble and made from bio-based, recyclable materials.”
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Mika Timonen
Energy Maker
Project Manager, Kymijärvi III, Lahti Energia
”Clean energy and jobs for the region.”
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Anna Huttunen
Carbon Trade Maker
Project Manager, CitiCAP
”We provide an innovative, exciting possibility for individuals to participate in the joint effort to reduce the carbon footprint of urban mobility and challenge them to reconsider their travel mode choices.”
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What action could you take in
your daily life today? Find a
suitable action and challenge
your friends to do the same.

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environmental city

In 2020, we will share our environmental solutions with
everyone and encourage people to make ecological choices.

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Facts about green Lahti

What if your city did what Lahti is doing?

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Why is Lahti europe’s
best green city?

In Lahti, we believe cities play a key role in solving
environmental problems. That’s why we take bold
environmental actions every day and want to be a pioneer
of sustainable, smart solutions. Read the story of Lahti
and see what the city will be like in 2030.

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